Näitan kõiki 65 tulemust

Our designs are guided by minimalism and geometry which allow us to create unique pieces uniting cold and sharp metal with warm and soft wood. Our mission is to emphasize that accessories from alternative materials can be successfully worn next to traditional jewelry. Our goal is to provide you accessories as a tool to express yourself.

Using wood as the main material in our designs means that every piece has a texture unique to only this particular set, meaning that no pair is identical. We put a lot of care in making the products, in order to maintain and highlight the wood. The details are one-by-one machine cut with high precision, polished, painted, finished and assembled manually by us here in our office in Tallinn, Estonia.

To us, sustainability is something fundamental. Every decision we make regarding materials and production processes is carefully weighed. We consider and acknowledge the holistic view of sustainability, in other words, the triple bottom line. A part of our mission is to provide a healthy and happy workplace for all the people who are in team WODAL.