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Dsnú arose from the cooperation between Ana Martinez (architect and jeweller) and David de Felipe (artist and ceramist) for design and production, combining their knowledge of techniques and traditional materials applied to contemporary design. As a result of this liason, exclusive design pieces thanks to their handcrafted and sustainable processes of production are obteined.

The origin of the name “Dsnú” comes from an abbreviation invented from the words “nude design”, which for them summarizes the concept of what they are looking for: a design stripped of all the unnecessary that bets on the elegance of simplicity.

The pure geometric shapes of their designs contrast with the organic and expressive nature of the materials they use, such as ceramics, metal or wood.

Their works are based on the search for the subtlety, eliminate everything superfluous to focus on the essence the materials and generate beauty from its own plastics characteristics. In this way, timeless pieces are originated which seek to surprise and arouse emotion in those who contemplate them.

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