SaintBy is a premium clothes brand founded in 2018 by Anna Baj for stylish, fashion-loving women who want to always look chic and elegant.

Designs bearing the SaintBy logo stand out with custom cuts that go beyond minimalistic fashion patterns. They surprise with freshness and original design. They are the quintessence of the most appreciated in the fashion world classics and at the same time they are strongly inspired by modernity.

Exclusive clothes from SaintBy, both from the spring/summer and autumn/winter collections, are addressed to self-confident women. Women who do not compromise when it comes to fashion and who pay equal attention to perfect cut, highest quality materials and precision workmanship.

What makes the SaintBy catalogue stand out is luxury materials, which include the brand’s flagship fabric – fine silk. Next to it, you will find clothes made, among other things, from Merino wool which is considered the most delicate and one of the most expensive wools in the world.

All clothes presented in the offer, which include dresses and skirts, blouses and sweaters, shirts and T-shirts, trousers and overalls, coats and blazers, are sewn in Poland by local workshops. This ensures excellence when it comes to workmanship and careful finishing.

A woman who wears SaintBy is sensual but also girlish, self-confident and sure of her style. Playing with fashion and fond of non-standard, often bold combinations.

Sinu valikutele vastavaid tooteid ei leidu.