Bold Tuesday

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Bold Tuesday is a brand for travel-minded people. Yes, you. If your heart skips a beat when an airplane flies overhead and you literally cannot stand still when counting days to your next trip. You are one of us. An explorer, a globetrotter, a jet-setter, a traveller at heart. A travelholic, might we say.

Our goal is to remind you WHY you love to travel so much. To keep that travel spark alive. The emotions fresh and wild. Because you probably can’t have a 6 months vacation twice a year…damn. And for these days, when you are not sipping coconuts in Bali nor surfing in Sri Lanka, we are here for you.

We are here to flood you with travel inspiration. Heat up your excitement about your upcoming trip. And remind you all the out-of-this-world adventures you can already put on your map.

Talking about maps…It’s easy to remember last year trips, but not-so-easy to remember where in the world you were 5 years ago. For this, we got you covered. With a map. A real physical one. Where you can mark all your travels and hang it proudly on your wall.

So, get inspired. Get excited. And get ready to explore, cause there’s a whole world waiting for you.